Don't have a website? Is your current website out of date? It's simple.
Let us handle everything
  • A quality website that reflects the quality of your business.
  • An online presence visible to the potential customers that you were never reaching before.
  • An investment for your business that could bring in hundreds of new sales per month.
  • All for $79 per month - $2.65 per day - less than the cost of a cup of coffee.
Contact us now!
We come to you.
High quality guaranteed.
Responsive to any screen size.
No contracts.
Grow your site with your business.
Fast technical support.
Our Simple Process
We discuss your layout, design and functionality.
We build your site.
We add your content.
We publish it to the web.
For $79 per month you get your very own website, customised to your liking.
There are an array of options to choose from when first customising your website. Our demo website is only customised using these $79 per month options and look how great it is!
Some people will be happy with their site just the way it is, while others may want to make changes and additions throughout their sites life. By letting us create your website now, it opens up the door for limitless customisations in the future. To continue growing your website to match your business, all we ask is for a one time payment for any additions/changes you want done, and then you simply continue paying the $79 per month with those new changes in effect for everyone to see. "Aha! I knew there was a catch, you're going to charge me a fortune for additions/changes!"
Actually we like to think we are pretty transparent here at WoodMouse. We will charge our hourly rate, nothing more, nothing less. Feel free to ask us all about it, in person or on the phone. "So is there a catch?" All we ask is that you pay for at least 3 months upfront when purchasing a site. That's it. No extra fee's, no lock in contracts, no nonsense. After those 3 months are up you can continue by paying monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. The choice is yours!